Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Little Jo's Holiday Party Part one.

Little Jo wanted to have a doll party to celebrate the New Year,  but everyone's calendar was already booked full for the holidays.  So much family and so many places to go, so many cousins, so many aunts and uncle's to visit......  Ok thought Little Jo,  How about we celebrate on the Sunday after New Years Day?   Grandma thought that would be ok and started getting everything ready for the party.  The Christmas tree has always kept up until after Orthodox Christmas (the Saturday After New Years day this year) perfect!  There were plenty of Grandma's cookies left from the holidays, enough to share with every one attending the party and there would be plenty of sparkling grape juice to serve in the pretty red glasses that Grandma kept in the china cabinet to use for special occasions.  Indeed this would be a very special occasion for Grandma because she wanted to take pictures of her lovely grandchildren all dressed up for the holidays.  Everyone of the dolls would have a pretty holiday outfit too (maybe not new) but certainly a pretty outfit.  She nipped and tucked every festive piece of doll clothing she could find and managed to dress every one of the doll cousins for this festive holiday party (plus almost all of the doll friends too).
Jo's Holiday Party - Journey girl, Madame Alexander dolls, Boy Lotus doll
Top left is is our Kate doll, she is the Journey Girl Doll Meredith that we renamed Kate.  The pretty little out fit she has on came from a grab bag of American Girl clothes bought at a Thrift store.
Jo's Holiday Party - Journey girl, Madame Alexander dolls, Boy Lotus doll
The pink velvet pants, sparkly headband and jacket were among several AG items that were bagged and sold together at our local VOA store. This is called the Snowball outfit.
The pink and white shoes came from China via eBay.  If you have not bought 18" doll shoes from China you should give it a shot on one of their auctions. I do think the straps can be easily trimmed.
The Madame Alexander doll  second left on the top row is our new Nora doll.  She has a very sweet little girl face.  This doll has the same face mold as the original Nora doll.  The original doll is now residing with four year old Granddaughter Nora. 
Nora has long dark wavy hair, brown eyes and a very pretty face.

Nora's little out fit is a mix and match of clothes.  The skirt and headband came from a Journey Girl outfit,  the shirt and vest Came from China via eBay.
The black shoes are a pair of My Life shoes bought couple of years back.    There are a lot of threads hanging on the edges. Very sloppy workmanship on this pair of shoes.  They are from China too,  Via Walmart!!!
Brittany is the doll in the middle of the top row of the cousins picture..
Little Jo's Doll Party - Madame Alexander Doll - Holiday doll party.
 Her jacket was on the Madame Alexander that was our original Nora doll.  Her little dress has no tag, it  was in a grab bag of thrift store doll clothes.  The tights are AG from the same grab bag. 
Little Jo's Doll Party - Madame Alexander Doll - Holiday doll party.
The red shoes are from China via eBay
Little Jo's Doll Party - Madame Alexander Doll - Holiday doll party.
Her neck scarf was a little scarf for a miniature dog. XS size. 
Little Jo is the second to the right doll on the top row She is a new doll with the same face mold as the original Little Jo doll.  And yes,  you guessed right, Little Jo is now living in her forever home with the real eight year old girl that our doll was named after.  
Little Jo's Doll Party
 This doll came with the mixed pattern outfit she is wearing and pretty gold flower ear rings.

Her hair cascades with wild frizzy curls tumbling down the back of her head.  The curls are very soft and very fuzzy.
 Little Jo's boots were ordered from an eBay store - they are very cute and they were modestly priced.
 The dolly on the far right top row is our Becky doll. She is named for my oldest granddaughter.  Becky is all grown up now but she will always be the precious little baby that I hold so dearly in my heart.
She has a blue sweater and sparkly skirt and white tights that came in the grab bag of outfits I found  a couple of years back at Goodwill.

Her necklace is a child's bracelet that stretches.
Silver shoes from eBay.
Grandma set the table for the dolls to have cookies and juice.

The Nativity was displayed to remind one and all
why they are gathered to celebrate.

 Of course their were many more doll friends that were gathered for Little Jo's Doll Party Holiday celebration.  There is even more cousins.  They will be modeling their pretty Holiday outfits in part two of this post.
Pretty Kimberly.

We'll be back on another day to see the rest of the cousins.
 See you all real soon.
New friends and old friends
more cousins.