Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Meeting New Friends at Little Jo's Fairy Gardens

Every year the dolls at Grandma's house look forward to a party celebrating new friends and remembering old friends who have moved away.  This year the party will be In late September or early in October.  American girl Samantha, Broken Pot Fairy Garden, Container Gardening, Doll Stories, Dolls, fairy garden, JLY #16, Just Pretend doll, Laurel The Wood Fairy, Stardust classics, Raised container Gardening,
That being said,  it should be noted that the dolls do have minds of their own.  Our three newest dolls decided that they wanted to see the fairy garden that was outside the window where they sit.   They wanted to watch the hummingbirds that played above the fairy gardens.  The birds were enjoying their freedom to soar in endless swoops and dives.  It does seem as if the tiny birds are playing outside the window from the time the early morning sun rays spread across the dew kissed gardens until the shadows of evening start to cloak antics.                       
Laurel The Wood Fairy                
 Broken Pot Fairy Garden, Container Gardening, Doll Stories

Laurel wanted to see what was outside of the window for herself.  She connived with Cheetah (the families huge cat) to sneak the door open long enough for her and Lit'l Bee (our new Effanbee baby doll) to escape for a little while.  Sammie (our new AG cousin) was watching as Cheetah stretched his body as long as he was able to so that he could reach the latch on the door.  Once the door opened Sammie scampered out the door right behind Laurel and Lit'l Bee.  Cheetah closed the door quickly behind them Just as Grandma saw the girls escape out the door.  Grandma smiled and grabbed her camera so that she could take pictures of their adventure.
Lit'l Bee

Effanbee doll
Sammie had to stand on her chair so that she could get a good look at Grandma's Fairy Garden
American girl Samantha, Broken Pot Fairy Garden
The Fairies keep a dragon by the front door of their flower pot home to help keep the garden spiders out of their house.
American girl Samantha, Broken Pot Fairy Garden,
American girl Samantha, Effanbee, Container Gardening
Laurel enjoys watching after Lit'l Bee.  Sometimes Sammie likes to watch the Lit'l Bee Doll Baby too. Lit'l Bee looks a bit afraid of the dragon that guards the entrance to the fairies cozy Flower pot home.  Laurel made sure to stay close to Bee's side to help her to not be as afraid of the dragon.
Just Pretend Laurel The Wood Fairy Stardust classics doll, Raised container Garden,
fairy, garden, raised container gardens, dolls

American girl Samantha, Broken Pot Fairy Garden,

Sweet Sammie held the Lit'l Bee baby doll until she quit trembling from fear at the sight of the dragon in the fairy garden
American girl Samantha, Broken Pot Fairy Garden, Container Gardening,
I suppose the dragon would seem very scary to such a little doll like Bee
Broken Pot Fairy Garden, Container Gardening

My goodness!  the fairy gardens do look so pretty from above - almost like the Emerald city from the Wizard of Oz.
Broken Pot Fairy Garden, Raised container Gardening
It's time for the girls to go in now that the evening air is starting to feel chilly.
Broken Pot Fairy Garden,  Raised container Gardening,
Here are a few sneak previews of the post Grandma will post over at Plum Creek Place this coming week, (after they are posted a link will be added to this post so you can see for yourself).  First there are a few peaks at the new Mermaid Fairy Garden
Mermaid fairy garden, cantainer fairy garden,

Mermaid Fairy Garden, Container Gardening,

Mermaid  Fairy Garden, Raised container Gardening,
And there is a small Mermaid Garden with a big conch shell for the fairy to live in.
Mermaid Fairy Garden, Raised container Gardening,
There is a little Pirates Cove Fairy Garden too - my it does look like the Black Pearl is sneaking out of the cove to head out to the high seas.
Fairy Garden,  Raised container Gardening,

Fairy Garden,  Raised container Gardening,
We hope to see you over at Plum Creek Place next week.

Laurel, Sammie and Lit'l Bee along with Little Jo and all of her cousins will be back in a few weeks for their tea party.  See you then!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Bitty Babies play date tea party at Little Jo's Doll Party.

Hi!  I'm Jo!  I live here at grandma's house with all of the other cousin dolls.  There is a doll for each of grandma's granddaughters.  Now if you were to hear grandma tell her friends and neighbors about us you would think that we reside here so that she can make doll clothes for her granddaughters and use us to try the the clothes on and make sure they fit right before she gives them to her grandchildren for their dolls to wear.  Now quite frankly if the truth were to be known I would tell you that grandma just plain out likes to play with the dolls.  I mean really think about it.....  A few weeks back when grandma was shopping she found a bitty baby doll with a really big bag of doll clothes (like the kind she is supposed to make for her granddaughters -wink, wink) except maybe because they were more like baby doll clothes (all American Girl Bitty Baby Doll clothes) ,  she decided she should keep the baby doll clothes here at her house until baby Gigi (grandma's youngest granddaughter) is old enough to play with them in about a year and a half (yea sure).  As luck would have it grandma had found a pretty Bitty Baby twin girl doll to go with the bitty baby twin boy doll she found when she was out thrifting last summer. In the weeks that followed after that three more bitty babies (not twins) managed to hope into her shopping cart when she would be shopping at the Goodwill store and the Volunteers of America.  Now instead of keeping the big bag of Bitty Baby clothes locked up until Gigi turns three years old here she is dressing them up and having tea parties with them.  Just look at the pictures we took when no one was looking.  
I don't know about you but this does not look like anything is being put away.  It really looks like everyone here is having too much fun.

I do have to say even though dolls are not supposed to eat cake, I wanted one of those cupcakes too.  They were real chocolate cake with frosting and sprinkles.  Oh Yummy!  The Black Forrest cake in the middle of the table is not real but it is pretty tasty looking.

The babies got to use our new tea set.  The plates were the perfect size for the tea table.
Little wooden bunnies surrounded the cake almost like they were guarding against cake raiders.
After the tea cups and plates were cleared from the table coloring books and coloring pencils were passed around so everyone could practice the coloring skills for pretend preschool classes (hehehe.... Grandma does like to play you know).

The fact of the matter is that each of these outfits were being modeled to be sold to help finance more bitty baby stuff. There were duplicates of many of the outfits so most of the duplicates were sold.

Bitty Baby Darcy was dressed in the play outfit (there was three of this outfit).
Bitty Baby Peter is dressed in the Apple Picking Outfit. Don't you love the yellow tennies?
Bitty Baby Fall Apple Picking outfit
Our sweet little dark haired twin (yet to be named) is dressed in a Valentine's Day Dress.  It came with crayons, Valentines, and a Valentine's Day Mailbox.
Bitty Baby Twin Dressed in a Valentine's Day outfit.
Our Little Blond boy twin (also yet to be named) is dressed in a circus outfit.  I hope he doesn't mind modeling a girl outfit.
Bitty Baby Circus Outfit
Sweet Bitty Baby girl doll is wearing her birthday party dress.  The pink gingham suits her pretty gray eyes very nicely. Her birthday cake plays Happy Birthday to you when it is wound up (we had three of this outfit).
Bitty Baby Birthday Outfit.
The Babies also modeled other outfits like the Rainy Day Fun Outfit.....
Bitty Baby Rainy Day Fun Outfit
 And the Picnic outfit.....I like the butterfly net!
Bitty Baby Picnic outfit.
One of the blond bitty baby dolls was packed into the bag with all of the clothes along with two bitty baby wicker suitcases, bitty bear suitcases, a bitty baby diaper bag, onesies, a bitty baby bear Halloween outfit, a christening gown, a red velvet Christmas outfit, a purple velvet holiday dress, bottles, bitty baby food, blankets, towels and goodness gracious lots of other stuff.  Another blond Bitty Baby Doll was found at the same store the next day - she is identical to the doll that was in the large clothing bag.  Both are grey eyed with blond eyelashes from 1995.  The clothes are from the years 1995 to about 2003.  I suspect they belonged to a child or maybe two children that grew up.  Someday they are going to remember these baby dolls with great affection.

Diane over at Lavender Dreams has a sweet post about her new doll at her Wednesday Wee Ones. 

Have fun and enjoy the things you love to do!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Getting ready for the Valentine's Day and Birthday Tea Party at Little Jo's Doll Party.

Every one was having so much fun getting ready for the B'Day and V'Day Tea Party that Little Jo and Nora had been planning since Christmas that Grandma Just couldn't resist taking some pictures.  All of the new little babies were in the upper bunk of their new bed playing with the little stuffed animals that they had received for Valentine's Day.  They each received a cute felt Valentine heart from grandma and a cute Ty stuffed animal.  There were bears, puppies, and a silly little fluffy pink guinea pig.  The older doll's wanted necklaces and bracelets to go with their outfits.  Some of the dolls brought their musical instruments to practice on  so they could perform a birthday song for Maggie (Mags turned thirteen years old this week).   My goodness time does march on.  So much has happened over the past few weeks.  Grandma found new friends for the dolls and LOTS of fun things at the thrift stores that every dollie wants and needs.  Like a purple day bed and a pink bunk bed with pink flowers stenciled on the sides......

And a darling puppy plush toy the perfect size to be Nora's new BFF.  He is a black and tan boxer pup that has been named Pugsly.  See Pugsly sitting between our new friends Molly and a doll named  JLY #23 (we all think that is a silly name for a girl) we don't know her forever name yet but we are thinking about it.  That's me (little Jo) with our new baby cousin Genie doll.  Real baby cousin Genie is walking and running all over the place now.  Oh yea, she is starting to talk too!

The most fun we had all week was playing with the new baby dolls.  They are so cute!  First a Bitty Twin Girl Dill with pretty brown hair jumped into the cart at the Goodwill store.  She had the cute pink onesie AG sleeper on and a very messy pony tail scrunched onto the top of her head.  She has a couple of little mark's on her chin and left cheek but Grandma is bleaching them with Zap-Zit Benzoil  Peroxide.  It works best in direct sun light but there is very little sun shining here in Ohio during the month of February.
Bitty Twin being sun bathing in the back yard. 
Our Bitty Twin has her own tiny little bitty baby.

Not too long after that a Bitty Baby jumped in the shopping cart at the VOA store up the street and around the corner (just two blocks past the Goodwill store)  Bitty baby had no clothes on and was just laying there amongst a tangled mess of arms and legs of dozens of baby dolls all in one big laundry basket.
Today Bitty baby has a cute little pink and yellow dress with a pair of yellow and white socks and white bloomers on.  With her forest green heart toting plush frog she looks like she is ready for the V'Day party.  The little fellow between Bitty Twin Girl And Bitty Baby is thought to be a  Berenguer Lots Of Love baby doll. He has a Beanie Baby Pink Dazzler plush bear. He was in the basket with .......
 Our new Genie dolly.
Genie is a BSB (Baby So Beautiful) doll.  She came is this pretty floral dress and she has wigged hair.  The hair is nice and full, very cute!  She has a Ty plush animal named Rosa - that looks like a Guinea Pig to me!
We also came across some big girl dolls over the last week or so.  It all started when grandma got the hankering to go out thrift shopping after dinner (just to walk off a few calories, Hehehe).  We always start in the toy room first.  There are many bags of little things in bags that cost from 90 cents to $2.92 for the bigger bags.  The bag with all of the Ty Mini  plush animals was a $1.91 for all of the cute Valentine toys.  Grandma was kind of staring down to the end of the toy room with a strange look on her face.  She looked as if she had seen an apparition.  She had to get closer to if what she thought she was looking at was really there.  As we approached grandma's face took on a happy look.  A great big smile broke out when she realized that she was looking at a perfect new wooden doll bunk bed trimmed in pink.  She lifted the beds into our cart before you could blink an eye!  Then,  as she looked down to where the bed had been she saw a brand new Battat purple wrought iron trundle day bed with all of it's pieces still attached with plastic barbs.  Again the metal bed was hoisted into the cart in a heartbeat.  Grandma was beaming her happy face when suddenly her mouth dropped open and gasped at the sight of a  Disney princess fold out doll size sofa bed.  She looked at it for a moment and saw that it had indeed been used but it was still very sturdy.  She popped the Disney sofa bed into the cart and walked off to pay for every thing before anything could "disappear".  We were standing happily in line next to the display counter looking at the pricier items displayed on the shelves behind the counter when suddenly grandma's mouth dropped open again and she started looking for one of the clerks to show her a doll that was sitting at the very end of the shelf.  My goodness it was a Molly doll!  Grandma said she would take her before she even saw the price.  Our purchases were rang up and we were out of there with everything for under thirty dollars!!!
The Purple day bed  (speckled in with the bright sunlight 
coming through the shade on the windows.
Every girl has got her own story!  The same goes for our new friend Molly...
She came to us dressed in her original play outfit (except for brown loafers).
She had funny looking bloomer undies on,  they looked very silly!
The rest of her looked just like the kids we go to school with now.  Her shirt was a red white and blue plaid with itsy bitsy red buttons with real itsy bitsy button holes.  Her gray pants look like a nice corduroy with a closure on the side.  The cute saddle shoes came with Molly along with her sweet locket necklace that really opens...
Grandma had some other Molly clothes for her to wear from one of the grab bags she had bought a long time ago.
The shirt with the detachable collar has a label that says The National Wildlife Federation.  The shoes, hat, leggings, and scrunchies are all part of a Molly's red jumper outfit.  All of the other dolls kind of stared at Molly while she was changing.  She looked different from the rest of the dolls.  Her body was white!  It had no color.  It wasn't skin colored, it wasn't tan, and it wasn't brown either!  Just white, plain old powder white!
Well everyone helped her put on her new outfit and we all think she looks adorable now.
 The new day bed fits Molly Just right!
 Her scrunchies are as cute as the dickens.
 Her leggings look great with the navy blue color of her N.W.F. over shirt. Her shoes look just like Doc Marten boots with the gum bottoms.
The ribbon in her hat matches her scrunchies.
 Pugsly and our other new friend (JLY #23 we think) fit very nicely on 
the day bed with Molly.  Lots of room for everyone.
JLY #23 is another funny story.  Grandma's lucky shopping week did not end with finding Molly, nope it didn't.  Grandma came home a few days ago toting her in a white plastic bag.  After her hair was shampooed and her body was cleaned up Grandma redressed her in her freshly washed dress and gave her a pair of little Jo's sparkly pink shoes to wear.
Isn't she pretty.  I think Jimmy Joe may find a new girl friend when he meets JLY #23  next week.

Have a wonderful evening!