Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Old Friends And New Faces At Little Jo's Doll Party

Last month I posted about Mattie who was our newest member of our doll family at that time.  We had a grand tea party to announce our Mattie to the world and to celebrate her first birthday with us.  This month we have two more new doll friends that will be joining us for a while.  Both of our new girls are thrift store finds.  Little Sophie was found in her original box in her original clothes like she just came home from the store.  Alana did not look as well at first,  she had a pair of jeans as her only clothing and her hair was all tangled into a rubber band.  After she was bathed and dressed up in a lovely yellow Magic Attic outfit she looked beautiful! I really love the Journey Girl doll faces. 
If you see a box that looks like this,

Open it!  You may be surprised with a sweet little doll!
Our new play doll looks like the Alana doll that we already have.  Our Alana came with the Kara Rose doll that were offered as a set by The Toy's"R"Us eBay store.  The dolls were offered at $29.99 (for a limited time) for the set with free pick up at the store.  I bought a set for our granddaughters (Little Jo and Nora) birthdays and an extra set for later maybe for another birthday (like mine).  I am not 100% sure that she is Alana.  Maybe you know which doll she really is.  Here are the dolls.........First is the Thrift store Alana.
Then the TOY'S*R*US New Alana........ Somehow she looks a little younger, maybe a little sweeter in the face to me.
Now a picture of all three dolls........
Did you notice the chair that Kara Rose is sitting on?  I found it last week at the Volunteers of America Thrift Store down the street and around the corner from my house (less than five minutes away).

I find a lot of nice things there.  Instead throwing out all of the little miscellaneous things that are donated they sort the items and create grab bags.  I find lots of wonderful little items at affordable prices like the outfit that Leeza is wearing. Doesn't she look wonderful with her new hairstyle?
This pretty blue dress was in a grab bag that included the Chef's outfit that Becky is wearing,  a long white nightie with a smocked bodice and the red valentine PJ's.

 The shoes were a great buy on an eBay auction.
See Becky in the background - gee I think she looks spiffy!  For under five dollars (for all four outfits) the dolls have some rather nice duds to wear.  The seams are nicely finished, there are no tags, maybe homemade?
I had been looking at doll size musical instruments on eBay for a while - YIKES!!! - an arm and a leg prices!  When I saw this little vintage doll size Cello (violin) music box at a garage sale I snatched it up for a couple of dollars.
This cello is a bit rough, but that is ok.  It will be going to Zoe our freckle faced blond doll beauty.    Zoe has always reminded me of the girl that babysat my son and his cousins when they were little.   Gen was very young maybe twelve or thirteen when she started to watch my first grader for an hour after school.  She continued to watch him after school ( Gen would start dinner too,   gosh I loved her spaghetti) until he started junior high school.  We love her dearly and will always be thinking of her. Gen loved to play her cello.  She had been taking lessons on that cello from the time she was in grade school,  but when she left home to get married her mother would not let her take her beloved cello.   She cried for a long time.   In our doll family Zoe is being renamed to Gen and I promise that I will never take away her cello.  Love ya Gen!
This is Zoe (babysitting Sophie) - henceforth Zoe shall be know as "Gen our Cello Artist".

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Sorry that the pictures were not properly cropped and the glare from the windows just keeps glaring because The Pic Monkey site did not allow me to use their programs today  (seems they get a little fussy when they go to take money out of your account (without warning you!) and it happens to be empty.... Whoops


PS:  Baby granddaughter Eugenia is up and crawling all over the place,  you can hear her sweet baby talk wherever she roams now.  You may even catch a glimpse of her red hair and baby blue eyes as she scoots past you in the halls.