Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Little Jo Helps Set The Thanksgiving Tablescape.

The Thanksgiving Holiday came and went without too much commotion at our house this year.  Little Jo and Cindy had watched Grandma polish the silverware and place the napkins in the napkin rings last year during the holidays. They thought that with a little help from their cousins that they could help with the little tasks needed to set the table.  They wanted to help Grandma so that she could enjoy the company of her family a bit more this year and maybe even be able to sit down and read a story to the kids before bedtime.

Little Jo and Nora joined Becky and Cindy to fold the napkins to fit into the terracotta turkey napkin rings.  Nora was the first to get her napkin folded and into the ring properly so she helped Tina out with her napkin while Tina tried to figure out how to put the batteries into the candles.
After several attempts to place the batteries into the candles Tina started to get very frustrated.
Tina stared into the plastic cavity where the batteries went and began to wonder just who the heck thought of putting batteries into candles anyway?  Even after you get the batteries in they still look fake and don't give off much light anyway.   With a little help from Grandma the batteries finally went into the candle.  After the first candle was finished the other three were much easier to fit the batteries into. Tina was finished in only a few more minutes. 
Cindy helped Grandma get the runners laid down straight straight over the brown tablecloth.  Grandma held one end while Cindy tugged on the other end to help guide the runner along the edge of the table.  Once the runners were all straight Grandma let Cindy lay the lacy placemats onto the table so that the Thanksgiving dinnerware would look real pretty on top of them. Grandma placed all of the plates and glasses onto the table herself.  See how pretty Cindy's place setting looks!

The reason Grandma would not let us girls put the plates and glasses onto the table is because she thinks that we are too little to handle that job,  Hmmm,  I wonder why she thinks we are too little?
Well, maybe we are a little bit small,  but the books we stand on help us reach the stuff on top of the table.  Maybe next year......

After each place setting was ready all of the cousins sat around the table.  They giggled and told stories to each other just like they did when they went camping and told stories around the campfire.

Becky was so excited to tell her story that she kept waving her hand in the air so that she could have a turn telling her story too.  All of the other girls sat together and got very quiet as Becky told the tale of how they had gone out to the country with Grandma to Farmer Ricks Turkey Ranch to pick a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner.
Maggie, Tina, and Kate listened intently as their eyes grew wider and wider as they learned about how Mr Tom Turkey had run clear across the farmers barnyard to escape his inevitable capture when suddenly in a flurry of white feathers he spread his wings and flew over Farmer Ricks fence and took off running towards the woods. 
Cindy and her youngest sister Summer were giggling at the thought of that big ole fat turkey flying off into the woods.  How funny it must have been to see his big rump go over the fence with Farmer Rick trying to chase after him.
Soon after that grandma's big kids started to arrive for dinner so all of us dolls had to get back into our basket.  We all kind of hung out for awhile until the pumpkin pies were served. 

We hope that everyone had a wonderfully Happy Thanksgiving!
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Big Dolly Hugs,
Becky, Cindy, Tina, Brittany, Summer, Kate, Maggie, Little Jo, Nora, and our sweet little baby girl due to be born today.

Baby Eugenia was born at 2:47 AM this morning.  A beautiful *real* little doll baby!