Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Little Jo 's Garden Party to Welcome Mattie

Mattie is the newest member of our growing doll family.  She is a beautiful African American doll with beautiful dark skin tones, deep dark brown hair that curls into ringlets, and lovely brown eyes.  I found her  buried under a heap of Barbie dolls in the doll bin at the Volunteers of America a week or so ago. Her hair was snagged into a twisted elastic hair band with a puffy pink faux flower,  it is the last remnant of her original pink ballet costume.  She came home with us and hopped right into the sink to get wiped down with a bit of Dawn Dish Detergent,  a piece of magic eraser,  and light hair wash with wig shampoo.  We sat down with Mattie and went through our patterns and the material we had for summer dresses and Mattie picked  her favorite colors (yellow and red) and watched while her new dress was cut and sewn.  Little Jo insisted on a garden party for Mattie to celebrate her new birthday with her new family.
All of the girls are dressed in their Summer Tea Party dresses. Mattie, Jimmy, Maggie and Callie have new shoes too.  Lady Mary refused to wear her new shoes.  She said she wanted to feel the grass between her toes.  Let's hope she does not step on any bees!

 Everyone was enjoying the birthday cake and glasses of iced tea.  

Each of the girls wanted to model their pretty dresses.
 Rose is wearing the lovely dress made by Angela over at Dotsydoodle.  She has a wonderful post for the Fourth of July about Matilda A Girl For All Time.

Jimmie has a new outfit that he wanted everyone to see.
We do have a few more additions to our doll family that we wanted to celebrate today too.
We have a Bitty Twin baby doll that we found a couple of days ago at the VOA and a six inch American Girl Rebecca doll.
 Our new Bitty Twin still has his $2.92 price written on his face.
That's a nice looking birthday cake candle.  The cupcakes look pretty good too.
 Bitty Twin baby Boy and Rebecca.
Thank you for joining our Garden Party today!

One more picture....... Everyone wanted to help welcome Mattie.  Doesn't Mattie look like she is really enjoying having the "Beauty Shop" treatment.

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Have a wonderful week!  Get out there and find a thrifty doll so you can play too. You can dress her up and have a garden party out in the Summer sun!



  1. Hello Candy!
    I'm glad I checked my notification on G+, your new doll is lucky to have been found by you. She sure is cute and I am sure she is going to have lots of fun with the new friends she has made at your place.
    Take care!

    1. For some reason I did not find a link to your blog on your Google profile. Your comment was as a noreply blogger.

  2. Oh myyyyyyyy - what a lovely doll - and the dress is just too cute - I have a similar fabric with yellow bees. Mattie is just precious in her red and yellow - I think they are her perfect colors. She's a lucky girl that you found her and helped her look her best. And what about Jimmy ? Is that the cutest outfit ever, or what? He looks like he's ready for any adventure that might come along.

    You have the very cutest of accessories - I am going to be hunting for a table set while we are on vacation in Canada next week. Your garden party is simply divine. I have four pots of fuchsias blooming - that might be a great start to a garden party.

  3. You really do find the cutest dolls at such good prices. (sometimes I am able to get the marks off with a little Bon Ami...I hate when they write the price right on the doll!) You've used such sweet fabric to make summer dresses and they are all just beautiful together. Happy summer to you and your dollies! Dollie hugs, Diane

  4. Everything here is lovely from the outfits to the table setting!

  5. Hello Candy ... wow your dolls look super, I love all of their outfits, and you've photographed it so nicely.

    All the best Jan

  6. Candy, How amazing is this! I would be having the time of my life enjoying all these adorable dolls. I love dolls and always have. I just purchased 2 dolls on Ebay and want to do something with them. Every year for Christmas I would get a new doll but the greatest presents I would get would be the wonderful clothing my Mother made for the dolls. How happy you must be with this fun outlet for your soul. I love it!

    1. If you have a sewing machine you could make doll clothes for your new dolls and join us on Wednesday Wee Ones. The fun is in making the clothes and then seeing how beautiful the dolls can look in their pretty new duds!!

  7. I love seeing all your dolls in their pretty clothes, and the nice tea parties they get to attend. It's fun for me to see that Callie is such a loved member of your doll family, too!

  8. You really do find the cutest dolls at such good prices. (sometimes I am able to get the marks off with a little Bon Ami.. . . .