Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Little Jo's Halloween Costume

This is the story of a doll family,  an extended family which become one family from many.  Little Jo is the newest member of our doll family.   Little Jo was once loved and treasured by a little girl who started to  grow up and no longer wanted to play with her dolls.  The girls mother watched as her daughters interests changed from playing with dolls to playing soccer and going to swim meets,  soon ballet lessons and horse back riding will be filling all of her time after school and no longer will her daughter want to keep her dolls.  As luck would have it Little Jo was donated to the Goodwill store so that another child could have her to love.  We found her there a few weeks ago and knew that she would be part of our family.  She was a little dirty and her hair was a mess,  her legs are loose and need repair but that does not matter,  she will be loved and cared for once again.
Little Jo's Doll Party - Little Jo's new cami and undies
Little Jo's Doll Party - Jo's new cami Jo went straight to the kitchen sink and let her hair be washed and set in a plastic baggie of Downy and soaked for a day.  After her hair was rinsed she hung upside down while her hair dried so that no water would get into her eyes.
Little Jo's Doll Party - Jo's hangout while her hair dried

After Jo's hair was dry her hair was set in rollers and perm rods to give her a curly look.

Her arms and legs were washed with anti-bacterial soap and her body was sprayed with a little anti-bacterial spray.
She smelled very fresh and pretty after her "bath".

Jo's doll cousin had her hair washed in the sink too.  Her hair was set on larger rollers for bigger curls. 
  Little Jo's Doll Party

Little Jo's Doll Party
After a couple of days Jo's cousin's hair was completely straight.
Little Jo's Doll Party
Our adopted Grandmother made clothes for Little Jo and the rest of us.  This week she made new undies in purple and white and a Halloween costume for Little Jo.
Little Jo's Doll Party - Jo's Halloween Costume
Isn't she cute?
Little Jo's Doll Party - Jo's Halloween Costume

Little Jo's Doll Party - Jo's Halloween Costume

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