Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Valentine's Day Dress for a Pretend Lady Mary

For over five years I have been following the events in the lives of the characters on the PBS program Downton Abbey.  Lady Mary has been my favorite Grantham character (followed closely by her mother Lady Cora).  The sixth season has brought so many beautiful new costumes for Lady Mary.   I wanted to interpret one of  her costumes for my Kelsey Doll from the Journey Girls Line.  I used the Liberty Jane Aspen Party Dress Pattern that you can find HERE .  This Pattern was available as a free download a couple of months back on Freebie Friday at Liberty Jane.  It has a nice after five look to it and it kind of fit the mood I was looking for to create this outfit with. I chose red satin for the lining with black lace over it to simulate a costume from a while back. 
Plumcreek Place - Lady Mary Doll Costume on Kelsey, a Journey Girl Doll
The necklace and the beads seem to be a integral part of Lady Mary's outfits as well as her hats and hair adornments.

Plumcreek Place - Lady Mary Doll Costume for Journey Girl Doll
 Somewhere on the PBS site for Downton Abbey I had read the necklaces were all about the beads for the costumes. My Lady Mary's beads are tied in the back and dangling like I have seen in recent programs.
I want to make another version of this dress that would come down to the middle of her ankles.  But for right now I have to be content with finishing a Fairy costume for another doll that will go to granddaughter Little Joe later in the spring.  Jo had asked for a pink and purple fairy costume with white and pink flowers last month when I had taken over another doll and costume for her to play with. I am not fond of how the petals look on the bodice and may just end up redoing the petals.  The doll is a recent thrift store find. She was scrubbed down and her hair was washed and allowed to dry without combing out to help maintain the curls in her black hair.  I think she will make a splendid fairy when the costume is finished.  I tend to want to name her Glena but ultimately Little Jo will name her what she wants to.
Plumcreek Place - Madam Alexander Doll and fairy costume
Here is a closer look at the petals and bodice of the fairy costume.

There have been several other dolls added to the family since the beginning of  December (and a couple from before that but not yet named or shown on my blog).
Plum Creek Place Karito Kids, Heart 4 Heart,Journey dolls, Mdm Alexander Dolls
Heart for Hearts Lillian doll is in the middle holding baby BeBe. Lillian was waiting for me to find her at the Goodwill store.  Except for shoes she was fully dressed in her original Russian costume for just $2.00!
The girl scout uniform came from a china doll.

Plum Creek Place Karito Kids, Heart 4 Heart,Journey dolls, Mdm Alexander Dolls
This little Lotus Doll would make a great doll to redo into a boy doll.
Notice how pretty and natural looking the teeth are, inset and not a glaring white-white
like some of the very expensive dolls out there.
Plum Creek Place - Lotus Doll, Karito Kids, Heart 4 Heart,Journey dolls, Just Pretend Dolls, Mdm Alexander Dolls
 Karito Kids Doll Ling.  I found her at the VOA fully clothed.  She did cost a bit more (nearly ten dollars) but she is well worth it.
Plum Creek Place - Lotus Doll, Karito Kids, Heart 4 Heart,Journey dolls, Just Pretend Dolls, Mdm Alexander Dolls
 The doll below is marked 1997 Just Pretend, Inc on her neck.  I thought she might be one of the Dream Designer Dolls called Kiri Tanaka.  This doll has sleep eyes and the info on the Kiri Doll did not list Kiri as a sleep eye doll.  If anyone can identify her for me I would Really appreciate it. 
She was dressed in a AG Samantha doll dress when I found her.
 Her outfit today is an AG skate dress also from the VOA.
Plum Creek Place - Lotus Doll, Karito Kids, Heart 4 Heart,Journey dolls, Just Pretend Dolls, Mdm Alexander Dolls
 Leza is a Karito Kid Doll too. Her clothes are from all different sources.
And then there is Callie, another Journey doll.  She is my latest Ebay purchase.  It turns out that Callie comes from a home full of love and dolls. She came to me in this beautiful dress and with the bow in her hair.  She was carefully wrapped to prevent any injuries.   Thank you dotsydoodle for all the love you showed to Callie!

All of the dolls have their own stories.  As they are introduced into the family in their new homemade clothes their stories will be told (Hint Lillian is first!).

Have fun and make sure to visit some thrift stores like the Volunteers of America and the Salvation Army Family Store,  you never know what you will find there.  Make a difference - keep your money in this country and help give jobs to those who are in need in your community.   Good luck hunting for your treasures.


  1. Oh what a lovely collection you have! And it really is fun to look at the thrift stores for these beautiful dolls. I love the outfit you put together for 'Lady Mary'! WOW! That is gorgeous and I may try to do one soon. Your doll has the perfect hair style for Lady Mary's costume. What fun we have using our imagination to dress our dolls. Thanks for joining in the fun. I've added a link to your blog! Hugs, Diane

  2. Ohhhhhhhh - the dolls are all so wonderful - I can't imagine keeping them all in new outfits - I have trouble doing that with my four. Lady Mary is simply stunning - I adore her hat and her jewels and of course the dress is divine. You are so clever with fabrics and accessories. I can't wait to see just what you will do with the other outfits you have planned. Everyone is just darling - I'm sure they will have a great time together.

    I've looked and looked at our thrift stores and never have I found a doll like you and Diane have - but I'll keep looking. They don't ever have the doll clothes either - drat.

    Looking forward to seeing what Lillian is up to next time.

  3. Candy, your collection is beautiful. I can't wait to see the transformation of the Lotus doll into a boy doll.
    I love Kelsey's outfit. I love all the details of the outfit: hat, necklace ...You did an awesome job. She looks like a proper Lady Mary.
    Keep having fun!

  4. Oh my goodness... I am in love with your doll collection. How exciting. All of them are so precious and what you do with them is simply lovely. Your costuming is amazing. The Downton Abbey theme is stunning. Her hat and jewelry is amazing. I have 2 necklaces that remind me of Lady Mary's. They are all beads and wrap around the neck. When Lady Mary removes her necklace it is the same way I have to remove mine. There is a company that makes jewelry from that era and the pieces are stunning and not too pricey. I will have to do some research and let you know.

  5. How wonderful to see Callie in her new home! She looks to be fitting in quite nicely. I love, LOVE the Lady Mary dress you made. I have stumbled across a few Hearts 4 Hearts dolls at our local thrift stores as well...they are such sweet little dolls and perfect "little sisters" for the 18" girls. Lilian is one of my favorites with her blond hair and blue eyes. I made my Lilian an Alice in Wonderland costume, and it suits her perfectly! Aren't thrift stores fun? I never tire of the excitement of stopping by, and wondering what I might find when I head towards the toy aisle. Love your blog!