Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Bitty Babies play date tea party at Little Jo's Doll Party.

Hi!  I'm Jo!  I live here at grandma's house with all of the other cousin dolls.  There is a doll for each of grandma's granddaughters.  Now if you were to hear grandma tell her friends and neighbors about us you would think that we reside here so that she can make doll clothes for her granddaughters and use us to try the the clothes on and make sure they fit right before she gives them to her grandchildren for their dolls to wear.  Now quite frankly if the truth were to be known I would tell you that grandma just plain out likes to play with the dolls.  I mean really think about it.....  A few weeks back when grandma was shopping she found a bitty baby doll with a really big bag of doll clothes (like the kind she is supposed to make for her granddaughters -wink, wink) except maybe because they were more like baby doll clothes (all American Girl Bitty Baby Doll clothes) ,  she decided she should keep the baby doll clothes here at her house until baby Gigi (grandma's youngest granddaughter) is old enough to play with them in about a year and a half (yea sure).  As luck would have it grandma had found a pretty Bitty Baby twin girl doll to go with the bitty baby twin boy doll she found when she was out thrifting last summer. In the weeks that followed after that three more bitty babies (not twins) managed to hope into her shopping cart when she would be shopping at the Goodwill store and the Volunteers of America.  Now instead of keeping the big bag of Bitty Baby clothes locked up until Gigi turns three years old here she is dressing them up and having tea parties with them.  Just look at the pictures we took when no one was looking.  
I don't know about you but this does not look like anything is being put away.  It really looks like everyone here is having too much fun.

I do have to say even though dolls are not supposed to eat cake, I wanted one of those cupcakes too.  They were real chocolate cake with frosting and sprinkles.  Oh Yummy!  The Black Forrest cake in the middle of the table is not real but it is pretty tasty looking.

The babies got to use our new tea set.  The plates were the perfect size for the tea table.
Little wooden bunnies surrounded the cake almost like they were guarding against cake raiders.
After the tea cups and plates were cleared from the table coloring books and coloring pencils were passed around so everyone could practice the coloring skills for pretend preschool classes (hehehe.... Grandma does like to play you know).

The fact of the matter is that each of these outfits were being modeled to be sold to help finance more bitty baby stuff. There were duplicates of many of the outfits so most of the duplicates were sold.

Bitty Baby Darcy was dressed in the play outfit (there was three of this outfit).
Bitty Baby Peter is dressed in the Apple Picking Outfit. Don't you love the yellow tennies?
Bitty Baby Fall Apple Picking outfit
Our sweet little dark haired twin (yet to be named) is dressed in a Valentine's Day Dress.  It came with crayons, Valentines, and a Valentine's Day Mailbox.
Bitty Baby Twin Dressed in a Valentine's Day outfit.
Our Little Blond boy twin (also yet to be named) is dressed in a circus outfit.  I hope he doesn't mind modeling a girl outfit.
Bitty Baby Circus Outfit
Sweet Bitty Baby girl doll is wearing her birthday party dress.  The pink gingham suits her pretty gray eyes very nicely. Her birthday cake plays Happy Birthday to you when it is wound up (we had three of this outfit).
Bitty Baby Birthday Outfit.
The Babies also modeled other outfits like the Rainy Day Fun Outfit.....
Bitty Baby Rainy Day Fun Outfit
 And the Picnic outfit.....I like the butterfly net!
Bitty Baby Picnic outfit.
One of the blond bitty baby dolls was packed into the bag with all of the clothes along with two bitty baby wicker suitcases, bitty bear suitcases, a bitty baby diaper bag, onesies, a bitty baby bear Halloween outfit, a christening gown, a red velvet Christmas outfit, a purple velvet holiday dress, bottles, bitty baby food, blankets, towels and goodness gracious lots of other stuff.  Another blond Bitty Baby Doll was found at the same store the next day - she is identical to the doll that was in the large clothing bag.  Both are grey eyed with blond eyelashes from 1995.  The clothes are from the years 1995 to about 2003.  I suspect they belonged to a child or maybe two children that grew up.  Someday they are going to remember these baby dolls with great affection.

Diane over at Lavender Dreams has a sweet post about her new doll at her Wednesday Wee Ones. 

Have fun and enjoy the things you love to do!