Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Little Jo's New Friend's and Pretty New Dreeses

Life has been very busy lately. We celebrated Easter and Mother's Day then we traveled down to North Carolina to visit my son, DIL and Baby Eugenia on Monday after Mother's Day.  Dear Hubby's  oldest grandson celebrated his twentieth birthday, the youngest grandson made his First Holy Communion.  John's oldest granddaughter Kate graduated from high school. So many wonderful events in a short period of time. In the mean time New dolls wondered into my cart at the thrift stores,  Ebay had a tempting deal or two and several pretty new doll dresses were made.  First of all I want you to meet Rose.   Rose was found at the Volunteers of America Thrift Store a couple of months back It took several weeks of treatments with Benzoyl Peroxide to remove the many stains from her face, legs, and arms.  She has been bathed shampooed and dressed in a nice AG outfit that also came from the VOA.  She is posed here with our little Russian Heart for Heart doll Lillian.  Lillian is wearing her new white nightie. 
American Girl #24 (Rose) and Heart for Heart Doll Lillian (Lilly Ann)
I dressed the new AG Doll  in a new dress that I had made for Little Jo's AG doll Grace and took her along with Nora's doll (also named Nora) in a new party outfit to play with at the celebration party after James's First Communion. The girls had fun playing with the dolls and Little Jo named our new rescue AG doll Rose.  Nora got to keep her doll and Jo got to keep the new party dress for Grace.

The other new faces are Magic Attic Dolls Heather in her gray and pink poodle outfit and Allison in her bridesmaid dress.  Both dolls were bought at a Goodwill Store in Cleveland.  Heather is pictured below.
Pictured below are Kara Rose (top/left) Leza (middle/top) and Alana.  Kara Rose and Alana were bought on Toys"R"Us Ebay sight as a Flash Sale on the limited edition gift set each with an extra outfit for $29.99 for both dolls.
Allison (bottom/left) my unnamed TOMY Doll (bottom/middle) and Karito Kid Doll Lara (I think she is the Lara doll) (bottom/right)
The Karito doll pictured below is named Zoe (also an eBay purchase at a very lucky price) she is wearing Callie's lovely dress made by dotsydoodle.
The following dresses were all made from the same Simplicity pattern # 1220 view D(with adjustments for the thinner dolls).  I think it is the same pattern that dotsydoodle used for the dress Zoe is wearing.  Lady Mary looks lovely in a pretty blue morning glory print on a yellow background trimmed with a yellow polka dot pattern and blue rick rack.
Maggie is wearing a teal and aqua floral print trimmed in a lite aqua print and teal rick rack. (The stuffed easy chair was found at the VOA last week.)
Callie and Kate are wearing a variation of the same dress trimmed out slightly differently.

Speaking of Kate I thought you might like to see the lovely granddaughter she is named after.  As I mentioned at the beginning of this post Kate graduated this past week.  Her very proud grandfather made sure to be there as she left for her prom to take this picture. (I think the camera was not set for an indoor picture).
 The picture of Kate with her grandfather came out great.

Have a wonderful week!