Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Jimmy's Haircut

This is Jimmy Joe,  you may have met him last week.
When Jimmy Joe first came into our doll family he looked like a heathen  (more or less like he had been raised by wolves) as you can see in the following picture.
So we sat Jimmy Joe into a hair salon chair and started to work on improving his appearance.
Soon his hair was shorn,  but he still needed a bit more grooming. 
I had noticed his eyelashes looked a bit long....
DIY 18" boy doll, DIY Boy Doll Haircut,
So I took my scissors (that I use to cut threads when I am sewing)
and shortened his lashes just a bit.
The next step was to tone down his lip color.
A light coat of  Anita's Latte acrylic craft paint toned down the lip color just enough.
Now Jimmy Joe Looks like a handsome young man.
 We found another doll to join our doll family a couple of weeks ago.
I brought her home from The Volunteers of America and washed her hair and bathed her with a piece of  a magic eraser and some Dawn dish detergent. 

She had blue stains on her legs,  fingers,  arms,  and the side of face.
I think perhaps her clothing may have stained her legs or maybe those cute little tattoo transfers were applied to her vinyl skin.  I applied a liberal coating of benzoyl peroxide to all of the affected areas.  
 She has spent the last week or two out in the sun weather permitting.
I do hope to be able to dress her up to introduce her to the rest of the dolls as soon
as her stains have faded away.
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Have a wonderful Easter week!!!