Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Little Jo's Doll Party - Callie and Jimmy help Kyla To Go Home

A couple of weeks ago I was wondering around at our local Volunteers of America Thrift Store and came across a very sad looking doll.  She was lying on a shelf beneath a pile of other outcast dolls.  She had no clothes or shoes on.  Her hair was scrunched up by a rubber band into a tangled mess on top of her hair,  but her face and body were clean and without marks of any kind.  She came home with us that day. Her name is Kyla.  Her tag said that she was a Journey Doll.  Callie and Jimmy Joe watched patiently as our new friend's hair was washed and all of the tangles were combed out a few strands at a time.  Grandma let her wear Meredith's birthday T-shirt and Megan's bright pink slacks. 

Little Jo's Doll Party - 18 inch dolls, Journey doll Kyla, Callie, Boy Doll
Jimmy Joe was immediately smitten by Kyla's lovely face and her long beautiful curling hair. He made sure that he was the first one of the dolls to welcome pretty Kyla and to introduce himself.
Little Jo's Doll Party - 18 inch dolls, Journey doll Kyla, Callie, Boy Doll

Callie was quick to point out to Jimmy Joe that they were barely able to take care of all the dolls that are already living at Grandma's house.
Little Jo's Doll Party - 18 inch dolls, Journey doll Kyla, Callie, Boy Doll
Callie found a USPS Priority *MAIL* box that was perfect to hold Lovely Kyla safely for a long journey to another family.  Jimmy helped Kyla up to the top of the box and Callie helped Kyla to lower herself into the box.
Little Jo's Doll Party - 18 inch dolls, Journey doll Kyla, Callie, Boy Doll
 Jimmy Joe held back a tear as the box was packed and closed securely for a long journey across the country to JoAnn's home in Washington State.  JoAnn has a lovely doll family that will be so happy to welcome Kyla. 

Jimmy Joe will always wonder about what might have been but he is so happy to know Kyla will be loved and cared for.

Make sure that you stop by JoAnn's to visit at her Wednesday Wee Ones Post at Scene Through My Eyes
Oh... and before I forget to tell you, Leza caused quite an uproar among the dolls by having her hair all cut off and putting on a new doll wig last week..  She went from a bleached blond.....

  To a pretty girl doll with a lovely new hair style.
She tried on another wig (red hair) but thought she looked to much like Julia Roberts in it.
I agree.

Have a wonderful week!!


  1. Oh - you know I love this post. Mine is about Kayla coming here to live - she is very happy and chatting with all the other dolls, I think they are planning a party some day soon. That was so nice of Jimmy Joe and Callie to help Kayla get ready for her trip - and she arrived safe and sound.

    And Miss Leza is gorgeeous in her new wig - I really like the Julia Roberts one too. Happy dolls - and thank you so much - you are such a dear friend.

  2. Kyla is adorable and I see that she has made it safely to her new home! What a fun package for our friend, JoAnn! She is thrilled! And I love the new wig. I have a doll with the same straight uneven hair that yours had. Maybe I'll have to think about a wig for her. I had planned to try to cut it. lol Enjoy your day! Have FUN! Hugs, Diane

  3. Leza's new hair is lovely, she looks great.

    All the best Jan

    1. Thank you Jan. Leza is so much prettier without that straw like platinum blond hair.

  4. You did a beautiful job on rewigging Leza. She looks so much better! I recently found a Kyla at the thrift store and I have been enjoying her immensely. Her face and coloring are gorgeous. I know I can't keep every doll that finds it's way into my home (or can I?!), but being able to enjoy them for at least a little while before I pass them on is such great fun!