Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Little Jo and Nora Play In The Fairy Garden

Fall clean up in the Fairy Garden can be quite a chore so I was glad that Little Jo and Nora  (Nora is Little Jo's younger sister) were here to help out.  Before we had worked too long several of the others in our doll family started showing up to pitch in and get the fairies and the fairy houses spiffed up for the rest of the fall season.  There were pumpkins and spiders, and even  a skeleton to gather up after the Halloween festivities in the fairy garden. It is now time to just enjoy a few harvest accents until it is time to decorate the garden for Christmas.  Nora was eager to wear her new Fall outfit that Grandma made this week.  Grandma also made a pretty jacket just like Cindy's only it is a different color.  I promised Nora we would let her model her new outfit first. Pretty Nora and Little Jo look a lot a like.  It is a good thing that Nora likes to keep her hair in braids or I wouldn't hardly be able to tell them apart.

Nora's Fall outfit.........
Little Jo and Nora Play In The Fairy Garden - Nora's Fall Outfit
 Nora wanted feathers with her braids today.
Little Jo and Nora Play In The Fairy Garden - Nora's Fall Outfit
 Grandma made leggings and a tee shirt out of a people size tee shirt that she had bought at Marc's (her favorite close-out store) for just $1.39.   Grandma said she could get one or two more outfits out of that big  tee shirt.
 We found the stick-on felt owls at JoAnn Fabrics.
Little Jo and Nora Play In The Fairy Garden - Nora's Fall Outfit
 Nora's tee shirt was made from a Liberty Jane pattern that was the free download
 last week on Freebie Friday.
  It looks very pretty on Nora and it fits so well.
Little Jo and Nora Play In The Fairy Garden - Nora's Fall Outfit
Becky's outfit today is the leggings from her Halloween costume and the reverse side of 
her purple spider shirt also from her Halloween costume.
Little Jo and Nora Play In The Fairy Garden - Becky's Outfit

Little Jo and Nora Play In The Fairy Garden - Becky's Outfit
Shy little Cindy has been gathering the last of the Halloween decor from the Fairy Garden.
Skeleton's are so creepy - ooh, yuk!
 Tina is wearing Little Jo's hat and jacket.  I think they are a bit too small for her.
Maggie's purple sweater looks so pretty with Maggie's red hair.  Maggie's outfit was bought off of Ebay by Grandma.  Grandma says she will make her own doll clothes from now on and save her money.
 Maggie has braided hair today,  isn't it pretty?
Little Jo was a bit late today,  she had a hard time picking something to wear.  She ended up wearing a tank top and pink shirt that Grandma had bought at the Goodwill store.  It was in a grab bag of shoes and outfits made by American Girl. All of the girls love the bright pink color and the sweet little pink heart buttons and trim.
 Little Jo is always hamming it up when we take pictures.
 Maggie is holding her own by not letting Little Jo be the center of attention for our group pictures.

Everyone needs to get into place for our group picture.
 Little Jo insisted on one more picture of Cindy and herself.
 The dolls had a lot of fun today helping Grandma trim the plants and pick off dead blossoms from the flowers.  Cindy enjoyed putting the Halloween decor away,  and we all helped to weed and prune the plants.

JoAnn's dolls have beautiful new outfits too.  You can see them  **here** .
Diane has created a beautiful outfit for her doll Ginger, you can see her **here**.   

Have a wonderful week,
Have some fun,  get out and play a little!!


  1. Oh such a delightful post - I love everyone's outfits - the jacket - the leggings - the t-shirt - the little pink shirt - everything is wonderful. Your Tina looks a lot like my Abby - except Abby's hair is one big mass of uncontrollable curls. She wants braids but her hair is much too busy for that. The group photos are so cute - and so clever. It is nice to see the girls helping out around the garden.

  2. Your dolls are adorable! It was fun reading your post. I ned to remember the idea of using tee-shirt to make dolls outfit.
    Keep having fun!

  3. I look at your post and think what Fun. I am sure this brings you much joy. When I look at your Doll party I am transported back in time to the fun I had as a child. I loved dolls. Your poses and scenes are stunning and show such personality. Your photos capture the magic! Valerie.

  4. What darling outfits all of them have. All of the outfits have so much beautiful detail. You are a very talented grandma.

  5. What a darling post and I have loved seeing all of the precious little outfits! I can see the dollies have had quite a good time helping 'grandma'. :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. I just had a delightful time with the dolls. What a great idea you've shared with us.

  7. You have the cutest dolls! I love these sweet outfits and all of the time and creativity you put into each one! I hope you'll join us this week for Wednesday Wee Ones! Happy Thanksgiving. Hugs, Diane