Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Little Jo's Holiday Doll Party - Part Two - More Cousins

In part one of this story you met five of this doll families girl cousins.  They all modeled their Christmas outfits that Grandma had put together for them for Little Jo's Holiday Party.  Their outfits came from many different sources like thrift stores and eBay.
You met Kate, Nora, Brittany, Little Jo, and Becky  posing on the top row left to right respectively.  Today  for Part Two of Little Jo's Holiday Party Cindy, Tina, Maggie, Summer and Jimmy will show off their Holiday outfits. From left to right on the bottom row.  First is pretty little Cindy,  Her outfit was bought from eBay and was shipped direct from China.
 This cute little dress is made of a satin like fabric bodice and a skirt overlayed with a semi-sheer
organza with tiny shiny silver dots over the satin like under skirt. A sash like belt with two butterflies offset to the side complete her stylish little belt.
Cindy's shoes are from Springfield brand from JoAnn Fabric store.  They were bought with a 60% off coupon .The tights are from Ebay (shipped from China).
This outfit came together from bits and pieces of doll clothes. 
 Tina's sweater came in a grab bag I think,  grandma made the leggings and the bright red patent leather type of shoes look like OG is stamped on the inside of the shoes.
Tina will be getting a new hair style soon.  Her haircut did not turn out to be so pretty, we will be looking for a new look for her (the real life Tina has long dark hair now) a more trendy modern look wood be good.
Maggie has my favorite outfit on.  Grandma bought it off of eBay
The pretty navy blue sweater has an apple border around the bottom and cute little apple buttons.

Fish net stockings and eBay shoes from China.
Summer is as pretty as she can be.  She is so tiny that grandma thought she would 
look charming in the elf outfit bought on eBay.
This cute little outfit was bought on an eBay auction for about two dollars
with  free shipping from China..
This cute hat was included. 
These really nice red boots were also bought on an eBay auction 
 the whole outfit was under four dollars.
Jimmy did not want to model his outfit for everyone but grandma managed to take a few photos of him when he wasn't looking anyway.
 Little Joe and Nora are enjoying their new chairs that grandpa John and grandma
gave to them for Christmas. Kate would be a little jealous except that the little cousins really
 enjoy all of their doll stuff so much. 
 Becky gets right down on the floor with the younger kids and plays with the dolls too.  
She is a bit to old to get her own dolls for Christmas but she can enjoy 
playing dolls with the younger cousins.
Aren't they cute little sibling dolls?
Cute AG doll chairs bought on eBay.
Baby Eugenia is the youngest of the (real) cousins.
She is far more interested in playing with the wrapping paper
and boxes than the toys.  Grandma said that she 
will have the perfect little ginger red haired blue eyed 
baby girl doll for her to play with next year
Part three of Little Jo's Holiday Party will be ready to post next week.  
There will be old friends and more cousins.  They wanted you to see their outfits
and they wanted to help grandma clean up after the party.

See you real soon!